Alejandero Brown Big Al Brewing6 years ago I moved to Olympia and while at my first Washington Brewers Festival I met this brand new brewer and brewery.  Big Al Brewing and Alejandro Brown and ever sense the Brewmance has been on. Lets hear what Al has to say.  Last Call with Bi Al.

71. What was your first beer you ever drank?
Budweiser. And it still is one of the most memorable moments of my life. I was at a Dodgers game with my dad and older brother. Dad orders a Bud, passes it down to my 13 year old brother who takes a sip and makes a nasty face. He passes it to me and I was in heaven. I sipped, then I drank, than I pounded that bud until my dad was reaching over my brother to grab it back from me. It was a hot day in LA and that beer was so cold, crisp, refreshing and unlike anything I had ever had. I was hooked on beer ever since.

82. What was your first Craft Beer you ever had and what did you think?
Widmer Hefeweizen. I was blown away. I moved from Los Angeles in ’96 and Corona or Michelob were my beers at the time. A friend ordered a Hef and when it came it looked like a big glass of grape fruit juice. I had to ask “Is that beer?!?” He passed me a sip and I loved the full flavored, full bodied yet refreshing quality (compared to what I knew as beer) it had. I wanted more. I was on my way, trying new beers every chance I got. 

3. How did you get start in brewing?  Homebrewer?  Etc???  What was the first batch you ever made?
Yes, I started homebrewing in 2001. My first batch was a Dead Guy Ale clone and it turned out decent. Nothing like Dead Guy of course, but it was my beer and I was proud to drink it.

4-1. What is your favorite beer you have ever made?
Super Kriek. And why? It’s fricking amazing, that’s why! So much went in to that beer, and by so much I mean 8 gallons of Montmorency Cherrie Purree in a 50 gallon barrel! I’d put it up against any Kriek out there.

5c. If you had to live for the rest of your life with only drinking one beer and not one of your own.  Who and what beer/brewery?
Wow that’s a tough question. Probably a barleywine like Cyclops from Elysian or Mirror Mirror from Deschutes. I’d want something that I am continuously discovering new details in like a fine piece of art and a great barleywine does just that for me.

6d-1. What is your favorite beer style?
I can honestly say I don’t have one. My taste for beer changes every day like most people’s taste for food. I love great cheeseburgers but there is too much other amazing food out there to call them my favorite. I’ll give the famous response from Charlie Papazian: The one in my hand!

67. If you could create a whole new style of beer what would it be?
Well first of all, I can create a whole new style 🙂 And I guess I did, the PBDA. Peanut Butter Dark Ale.

998. Favorite sport and team?
Soccer and Sounders FC!

9. What is your ultimate session beer?
Don’t have one.

A) What music do love to listen to while brewing?
I like to listen to something themed with what we are brewing. Irish Red – Flogging Molly. Smoked Porter – Bob Marley. IPA – American Rock, etc.

420. What is the craziest ingredient you have added while brewing?
Iron Brewer competition at Beverage Place Pub, ingredients were Plum and Sesame. We used Sesame Butter or “Tahini”

24. Favorite hop(s)
Don’t have one.

13 What is your go to liquor?

77. Favorite Movie(s)
All Godfather’s and Star Wars.

15.  What is your favorite movie Quote?
This is a brilliant piece of movie dialog right here “Your mom goes to college!” Stupid I know, but it always makes me laugh out loud.

0. Are you on twitter (@Twitter name) what is your favorite twitter #hashtag?
@big_al_brewing #wabeer

17. Morning person or Night person?
Honestly both. I end up being a night person most nights but I feel the best when I’m up early. I love how quiet and peaceful mornings are. When I’m camping, I’m last to bed and first to rise usually.

44. What is your favorite Hot sauce?

17. If you could ask me BrewDad one question what would it be?
How’s that sweet little girl of yours doing?!?! She is awesome and this week is her first gymnastics meet. So I am missing opening days of Seattle Beer Week to be at her practices and meet.

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