Iron Horse Brewery

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Iron Horse Brewery
1000 Prospect Ave #4
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Tuesday through Thursday, 4pm-8pm
Friday and Saturday, 12pm-8pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm


The family and I are headed home so with the wife and kid sleeping in the car and dad getting tired I needed to stretch my legs. Wouldn’t you know we where in Ellensburg WA area. According to my sources there was a brewery in this town and I had yet to see it. So a quick stop would be in order. Wow what a place. This is a cool place. Small but they party. They had huge posters telling abut special nights, Mustache night, Beer pong night. This place must party on down almost every night. They had a great line up of beers and the brewery was small but had lots of charm. I am going to take a tour next time and get the low down for sure.

So have some time set aside this is not a quick stop place. Iron Horse goes all out and the tasting room was fun the beers where awesome also. Quilters Irish Death the newest brew that is all the rage was very good. Light rail ale is also a very tasty lawnmower beer. The Brass Ass Brown ale was the beer I really liked. They do not have any huge dark beers but in time I am sure they will. Located in a new strip mall area and in the heart of wine country this is a Beer drinker’s oasis. They have some snacks but do not go there for lunch they just will not have anything other than a handful of pretzels. Be sure to find a nice park nearby so you can drop off the kids to play as you have a few sips and take in the fun atmosphere. I will be back that’s for sure.

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