Ice Harbor Brewing Company.
(509) 582-5340

Ice Harbor at the Marina
(509) 586-3181

With two locations you will never be with out a seat.  Oh wait its Ice Harbor and they’re always packed.  I had the opportunity last fall to go to both Ice Harbors in one day and what a treat.  They’re located with in a few miles of each other and have two separate distinct looks and feel.  The original “Pub” is an old warehouse right off the train tracks with that rustic feel. With a homebrew shop right there what else does a beer geek need?  When a train passes be sure to be in the main bar area they spin the discount wheel and where it lands is what the special for beer prices are for the next 10 minutes.  Spin the wheel and hope for that cheap price.  They have some great beers from light ales to a heavy Barley Wine that will put you to sleep.  Good pub food and live music always at the pub.  As for the newest pub they call the “Marina” they also have pub food and live music.  Gotta give Ice harbor credit they keep busy if not one event they might have two going on the same day.  The same beers as the main pub and with the couple miles travel the beers do not lose on flavor. Ice Harbor for this beer lover is the shizzle in the Tri-Cities.  Make a stop they are kid friendly with free WiFi and get there early when it comes to football watching or you maybe out of luck on finding a seat.

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