This week I am sure you are aware of the current battle with the State of Washington and the possible raising and extending the beer tax.  Making for one of the more progressive and highest beer taxes in the country.  So I asked the brewers/breweries the following question and below are there answers.  I got an overwhelming response.  I am posting every reply I received.

The question – The Governors proposed plan is to Extend and Raise the Beer Tax here in WA State.  Was hoping  you could tell me how you feel this proposal would affect your brewery.  

Lath Neppur Brewing

Laht Neppur Brewing – 
Pretty simple for me, increasing the barrel tax so drastically keeps me from hiring more brewery help. It also seems like an unfair market advantage for the major players. If the governor is dead set on this then why not handle all tax on all alcohol like they have done with hard stuff and impose the taxes at the cash register. I know its a headache for the stores but it can be done. The disadvantage is for the guy that has his beer prices already all inclusive of sales tax at his taproom or restaurant, like me. We have had to eat two sales tax increases in Walla Walla but haven’t raised our pint prices.

Court Ruppenthal
Laht Neppur Brewing Co.

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