This week I am sure you are aware of the current battle with the State of Washington and the possible raising and extending the beer tax.  This is one of the most progressive and highest beer taxes proposed in the country.  So I asked the brewers/breweries the following question and below are there answers.  I got an overwhelming response so I am posting every reply I received.

The question – The Governors proposed plan is to Extend and Raise the Beer Tax here in WA State.  How do you feel this proposal will affect your brewery?  

Dirty Bucket Brewing Co – Dirty Bucket Brewing
I had a chance to sit down with the Gov. along side fellow brewers from Elysian, Fremont,  Schooner Exact and Georgetown and really couldn’t understand how the Gov could look me in the eye after I told him my story and tell me his goal was to make “All Breweries have an even playing field when it comes to taxes.”  I asked him, how he can compare a 3 bbl nano brewery to the breweries who were present let alone to AB?  My question went unanswered.

I am looking to pay an extra $5000+ in taxes with his proposal. Capital I have been saving to be able to expand, hire some help and stop working my other full time job and 90 hours a week.  His response to my story was, “I understand” I don’t think you do sir!

This increase is really going to hurt, and take what was my dream into a place of necessity in order to pay for my lease, taxes, and operational costs.

I may be the small guy on this craft beer totem pole and I may not be looking at the hundreds of thousands of dollars in new taxes as the others are but I am part of this craft beer family and I will be damned if I am going to stand by and let someone walk all over one of my family members.

Steve Acord Owner/Head Brewer
Dirty Bucket Brewing Co.

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