This week BrewDad peeps we are learning about the US version of Tettnanger.  One awesome green monster.

American Tettnanger Hops gets its heritage from a clone of Swiss Tettnanger, which originated from the variety found naturally from the Tettnanger region in Germany near the southern border.German Tettnanger is a land race variety that is esteemed in its tradition for German-Style Lagers and Pilsners.

U.S. Tettnanger is a dual use hops that is regarded as a noble variety. It is comparable to saaz in many ways, and has a clean bitterness character coming from its low alpha acid content (4.0%-5.0%). The alpha beta ratio is nearly 1:1, and the co-humulone is low at 20.0%-25.0% giving it the noble character foundation. The aroma is a floral spice and comes from the moderately abundant oils, including farnesene oil. American Tettnanger is going to be suitable for kettle additions for both aroma and bitterness, and is going to make a suitable dry hopper as well.

Eel River Organic  Blond

Beers that use this hops – 
DeschutesBrewery Twilight Ale
Eel River Brewing Company Organic California Blonde Ale
Rock Bottom Brewing Company Red Rocks Ale
O’Fallen Brewery O’Fallen Wheat
Fort Collins Brewery Retro Red
Breckinridge Brewery Avalanche Ale
Sebago Brewing Company Slick Nick Winter Ale

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