Hillsdale McMenamins

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16th Annual Brewers Festival
1505 S.W. Sunset Blvd.
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 246-3938


Did someone say a Brewersfest?  Oh I am there…  So I drive down to Portland and attended the 16th annual Brewers Festival at the Hillsdale McMenamins.  They put together a festival every year around this time so that all the McMenamins can compete to see who is going to have there special brew made for the Oregon Brewers Festival in July.  We arrived around 11:45am and wow that was late and there was already a 2-3 hour wait.  So we gave our name and we went down to another brew pub and waited for our names to be called.  Finally we got in around 1:30pm.  So here you get wedged into a seat and they stop bye and say are you ready for the first tray?  Yep, and the first tray of 10 samples comes out and your off to tasting Belgians, Stouts, IPA’s Imperial Porters and barley Wines everything you can think of. Every beer brewed by a different place all vying to be the best.  After the first tray out comes the second.   Get some food or you will be hurting alter on.  We had a great time.  The beers at times where not so good and others where pretty tasty.   This is a great time go with a big group go early and get a big table and be sure to buy some food.  Love the atmosphere and the looks just a great McMenamins look.  

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