I am Thankful for Malts, Water, Yeast and Hops.  I bet your like geez did not see that coming.  But most of all I am Thankful for the opportunity of being BrewDad.  Without the support of great fans, brewing friends, beer geeks and family I would not be here.  I want to thank personally my wife without her I would not have neither time nor ability to attend and seek so many great beer events, breweries, ale houses and beer shops. I would also like to single out my daughter who is always so supportive.  Sure she is young (6) but she always asks daddy who did you see today or what great beer did you bring home? There is one special shop here in town – Gravity Beer Market and every time we go by.  “Daddy we need to stop and see our friends.” Too my Lil L – Thank you for showing me it is ok to be a kid and that I can achieve it all.

To my supporting cast and to you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Be Safe – I raise a glass to you all.  Cheers…

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