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Become a Greenhorn with Henry Weinhard’s

By March 5, 2021No Comments

Have you ever wanted to see or feel what it’s like to be a crab fisherman like the ones we see on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch?  Well, that opportunity is about to become a reality for one lucky winner.  Captain Keith Colburn from the F/V Wizard and Henry Weinhards have teamed up to give one lucky fan a dream Greenhorn chance.   Click the logo below for your chance to win.

During an evening at Jillian’s in Seattle talking with Capitan Keith, he told us why he loves the new Henrys IPA. “I love the fact that you can drink this beer and not be filled up.  There are other great beers here in the Pacific Northwest that are good but they fill you up too fast. Henry’s is crisp and easy drinking. The light hops flavors and not getting filled up is what I love best.”

We also asked him what the adventure will be like for the person who wins.  First he injected “There will be NO Beer on the boat.” Then he continued, “They will get the chance to bait, load and drop a crab pot.  They will see every aspect of what it takes to do the toughest job on the planet.”  And last he added, “You will be answering to ME!”
The contest is currently running and ends on August 31, 2011.  Click on the logo above and good luck on winning.

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