Tomorrow is Fredfest 2011.  I sure wish I was going (Damn Economy).  Want to talk some of the best beers ever.  You must try FredFest once in your life.  This is one rare beer festival where I swear they pull out barrels of stuff that you will never see again.  The last time I was there out came a 1984 Saxer.  Seriously someone has a beer sitting around from over 20 years ago and from a now defunct brewery.  What’s next a beer aged wood barrels from Noah’s Ark?  I swear when they pull out that one Oak aged beer that Lewis and Clark themselves drank is when you go wow this festival is the best.

FredFest is in honor of Fred Eckhardt – Beer writer, Advocate, Brewer, Home brewer and great friend of the malted beverage.   5 years ago to celebrate Fred’s 80th birthday this party was started and now has become a Portland must attend beer event.  This year there will be some tasty oddities never to be seen nor drank from again I can bet on that.  I can’t/can wait to hear what was poured.  Than again it will kill me to know I’m not there.  I better turn off twitter and Facebook tomorrow evening so I do not get too jealous.

About FredFest – This is not only a way to celebrate Fred’s Birthday but it is also a charity event for whom Fred says to donate to.  This year they are raising money for Mercy Corps.

I know for myself next year I will budgeting for attending this great event.  Who know in years to come there might be a BrewDadFest.  Hint hint.  We will start with day old cans of Oly and in 20 years just think how tasty that Oly in aged cans will be.

Here is a link to what they are pouring but not to worry they will also pull out stuff during the event that is not listed.

NOTE:  The Event is Sold Out this year so next year be ready and sign up early for tickets.

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