If you are like me, when you see the name you are going “Huh?” You are not alone, but in the near future this is going to become a reality.  Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is a name that is hard to say with your tongue on the roof of your mouth.  Oh I bet you read that twice before you moved along – LOL.  It’s the same way Flying Bike has a super interesting and inventive way for us – the common craft beer drinker who has dreams of owning a brewery – to actually see it happen.  Now most of us might be able to put down a few dollars but in no way would that be enough to start a brewery.  The founders at Flying Bike have put together a program where we can all own a piece of the brewery.

But wait – do I just own a special brewery glass? Is that what it is?  No, you are a cooperative member of a business of which is brewing beer.  Your vote is equal amongst all cooperative members.  You get a say – a vote – as to what the brewery is going to brew.   As it has been told to me by Jeff Hicks, Founding President, his vote is the same as anyone who signs up and becomes a member.

They – “The Founding Board” – have put together ideas that there will be special events where members bring in their brews and they have a contest to determine which beer will be the next in the Flying Bike line-up.  So this gives the average Joe a chance to not only be an owner, but also be a part of the whole process.  Sure there will be a professional brewer helping on the bigger system and a professional sales guy selling the beers.  But you as a member, you have a say, special pricing, and perks too.  Now I also heard if the cooperative makes money, you as a member also get a dividend.

Just think: you have always wanted to own a brewery and have a say as to the styles a brewery puts out. You now have that chance. This is all in the fine print and please read before you sign, but at a $150.00 initial sign up fee that’s not out of most people price range.   Hell a big drinking weekend costs that much.

The first 300 members are going to be a part of something special: the “Thirsty 300”.  Check out the web site as 2012 is the predicted launch timeframe and they are just starting to gather the needed capital.

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