I have been seeing a lot about in the past few days so I did some digging. Here is what I found.

From Flagship February website
What sometimes gets lost amid the constant stream of special releases are the beers that paved the way for today’s remarkable global beer market, or in other words, the flagship beers that got us here.

Flagship is the beer that defines a brewery. It’s the one that you immediately think of when you hear the brewery’s name, the one that most people associate with the business. In most cases, it is their best-selling beer and often the one that outsells all their other offerings by a wide margin. A good flagship also allows a brewery to be able to afford the seasonals, specialty beers and the other one-off beers in their lineup.

Check out Flagshipfebruary.com for more info.

My first Flagship I always go to is Black Butte Porter. However I got schooled and found out it was Mirror Pond that was the real flagship for Deschutes. Well I’ll be a fig newton. Whats yours?

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