Every year around Olympia WA there is a tradition of drinking a great beer that comes out once a year.  We look and can’t wait for the Fish Tale Brewing Organic Winterfish.  A special Cascadian version of an IPA the 7.5% can sneak up on you so be sure your done with your day and sit down relax and pour yourself a pint.  This for me is a yearly tradition and when December finally comes I finally break out one of many Winterfish ales.

From Fish Brewing –

Here is the full-bodied seasonal ale that brings meaning to “Winter Warmer”. With a snappy hop character, this isn’t just another brown beer masquerading as a seasonal. This is hearty fare brewed for the season of celebrations. Enjoyed at ease with friends and food, Winterfish will put a glow in the cheeks and warmth in the veins.

Pale and honey malts provide an abundantly deep foundation. Then, for bittering, flavor, and aroma, we use 100% Yakima Chinook hops in the kettle. For additional flavor and aroma, it’s more Yakima Chinooks in the hop-back. Perfect for festive feast, this is the hoppiest winter ale we know of! Savor a pint and you’ll know why Northwesterners agree: An ice cold Winter never sounded better!

7.5% alc/vol    1.071  O.G.    70 IBUs

Cheers to all my beer drinking friends during this Holiday season. http://www.fishbrewing.com/

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