I would like to announce a Huge Congratulations to Fish Brewing for this year walking away with a huge award from the World Beer Awards.  Gold Medal as the Worlds Best for Barley Wine with Reel Ales 10 Squared Barley Wine.  This is a huge feat.  And all goes to some great brewers and a great company.  They actually Medal twice and Worlds best and American best


Check it out.  World Beer Awards  They are under the Pale Beer Category.

What Are The World Beer Awards?

The World Beer Awards are the global awards selecting the very best internationally recognized beer styles. This annual tasting selects, awards and promotes the ‘World’s Best Beers’ to consumers and the trade throughout the world. Beers must be generally available and for sale in bottles or cans.

Judging is blind with regional style heats held in Asia, Europe and the Americas. All regions have their own Chairman and group of judges who select the style winners in their region. Style winners from all regions are then tasted against each other to select the World’s Best Style. From these world winners we can then select the World’s Best categories, from which the World’s Best Beer is selected.

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