Last week I got sneak preview of this years Fish Brewing Swordfish Double Cascadian Dark Ale and with starting a new tradition I have decided to pair this with something fun just like last time.  Last time I paired the Black Lager with the   McRib what did BrewDad try this time?  The CDA last year was such a tasty brew I needed to do this one right.  I have found a wood fired pizza truck here in Olympia that makes some of the best pizza in town.  Stone Creek Wood Fire Pizza located 4315 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia WA 98502 near Evergreen State College.  One tasty pizza there is such care in the making your pizza and the special sauces, ingredients and terrific service makes this a great place.  I have heard there has been some that are right from Italy and say this pizza would give real Italian pizza a run as best pizza.

So what is a better way to pair a great beer is with great pizza.  For the pizza we had it made special thin crust, pesto sauce, pepperoni, and pineapple covered in mozzarella cheese.    Sweet pizza with that pesto flavor and added pepperoni makes this a terrific paring with a dark malt rich thick tasty Double CDA.  Tony has made this yearsCDAwith some great additions.  The high aroma and flavored hops makes this one hoppy mother.  This is not your dads sipping IPA.  This is new with dark thick malts, Chocolate and caramel flavors.  Rich earthy hops give off great citrus notes that add to the pizza as you are “chowing” down.

This was paired almost perfectly the pizza was rich and tasty with some spices and added fruit flavors.  The beer mashes up well with the pizza. The hoppy CDA balances out the pizza flavors.  Tony from Fish has made a truly awesome Beer and Randy terrifically awesome Pizza.  Come on out try the pizza tell them BrewDad sent you and look for the CDA in stores near you or go visit the pub and grab a pint or two you never know you might see me. 🙂

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