From Silver Moon Brewing! We are pleased to announce our 2019 F*Cancer campaign which will launch on June 1st and carry through the middle of August. The F*Cancer program has a rich history of raising funds for Cancer Research across the country through what we do best, beer. Here is our story and how you can help us in our mission.

The F*Cancer program started back in 2014 which was exclusive to our taproom in Bend, Oregon. The owners and staff of Silver Moon Brewing wanted to support the individuals in our lives and community that were fighting cancer. We created the F*Cancer IPA as a symbol of the battle that countless individuals face across the country. Proceeds raised from the brew were directly donated to cancer research and community organizations. As the years went on, we expanded the program out of bend and are now raising funds across five states.

In 2018, we wanted to better represent the individuals in our community and their fight. We added the names of these fighters directly on the label. Our way of honoring those who we are directly supporting with the program.

Today, F*Cancer has a diverse selection of product types, a full merchandise line and fundraising events that stretch’s the programs reach across the country.  This year we are projecting to raise over $80,000 for cancer research.

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