Five years ago I was invited to the exBEERience by the Cascade Brewers Guild, but did I go, NO!!!  Five years later, I cleared my calendar and attended my very first exBEERience.  The Cascade Brewers Guild puts on one hell of an event.  This is a home brewer’s event with a twist as they also invite craft brewers to participate and pour their tasty beverages.   When you arrive you see a huge table with a styles class and testing from the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program). They offer tasting tips and samples so you can become a better judge and explore what goes into becoming a certified BJCP.

Next you find the Pros vs. Joes table where they were pouring two beers – both the same style but one from a Home brewer and one from a Craft brewer (to be named later)  After both were sampled, the drinkers or samplers would then vote as to which they liked the best.  The Winner was the Joe – Jim Lanning was the Home Brewer.  Way to go Jim!
Then around the room were a bunch of taps from different home brew clubs and home brewers and you get to sample these special fun new brews.  The hard part is with the limited amount of tickets it was hard to choose. I had some very special IPA’s and others made with special ingredients that one would usually never see nor taste in a brew.  Popcorn stands out the most for me. Great beer with an interesting flavor and ingredient addition.

Just when you think you have had enough fun, they add Craft brewers to the mix.  Big Al Brewing, Odin, Chuckanut and many others were in attendance.  So with your assortment of tickets in varying colors you had to pick the brew and the ticket, then taste away.  Tickets were divided up between homebrew taste and craft beer tastes.  After several hours of imbibing tasty home and craft beers, the winners of the Cascade Brewers Cup were announced.  This is a full day and when I left I was one tired but very happy imbibing BrewDad.  The cost of $25.00 is well worth it.  The event donates all the proceeds to Childhaven, a non profit in Seattle for neglected and abused kids.  Can’t wait for next year.

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