Breaking News just out – I just saw one of the coolest new brewery ads and concepts.  Check it out.

Press Release – New Brooklyn based beer called Ethel’s Brew ­ a clean, smooth, European-style busty blonde brewed with three different types of malt, is produced from French barley and several varieties of hops. With golden highlights, fruity notes, a slightly bitter finish, and an ABV of 6%, this barley-scented brew glistens with just the right amount of head. Ethel’s Brew has a refreshing tang that makes it an excellent summer beer that is thirst-quenching for times when you¹re breaking a sweat. Its packaging pays homage to its namesake and beer enthusiast Ethel Goldschmidt, and it boasts a brazen summertime gusto for both the young and the old (particularly the old who want to feel young).

Ethel’s Brew is the first product in Ethel’s expanding family of ales.  It’s brewed in the style of the kolsch German ale. We are excited about the company launch and the prospect of ultimately expanding our line of beers to include a classic west coast IPA or a foreign-style stout.

Ethel’s Brew will be available in 12 oz. bottles in participating pubs/bars beginning mid-June

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