Don Webb Naked City BrewingNew to BrewDad we are going to feature a brewer each week. I asked some of the biggest mind melting questions around.    Get ready Katie Couric I am going after your job.  Drum Roll first up is – Don Webb from Naked City Brewery and Taphouse.  Being a great sponsor of BrewDad I was proud to have such a great time this past year with Don and Naked City.  Grab a beer and hang on here is what I asked.

71. What was your first beer you ever drank?
First beer I ever tried was probably a taste of Hamm’s when my dad wasn’t looking. The first full beer that I remember actually drinking was a Rainier Ale. I thought it was the bitterest, nastiest thing ever. “Green Death” they used to call it, I believe.

82. What was your first Craft Beer you ever had and what did you think?
Bought a 6 pack each of Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale when I lived in San Diego. I remember them being so hoppy at the time. Boy have my tastes changed. First NW Craft Beer I had when moving to Seattle in 1991 was Hale’s Pale Ale from the beer engine at The Lake Washington Grill House and Taproom. I remember turning to my friend and telling him that I thought it tasted like a Christmas tree. I had really no other point of reference at that time. All I knew was that it tasted great! I never looked back.

3. How did you get start in brewing?  Homebrewer?  Etc???  What was the first batch you ever made?
I started homebrewing in 1991 shortly after moving to Seattle. I had stumbled upon Liberty Malt Supply down on Western Ave behind Pike Place Market. My first beer was a Stout brewed from an extract kit. It became Webb’s Holiday Ale. I threw a party and, if I remember correctly, my friends and I drank it all in one night. It couldn’t have been too bad. 

4-1. What is your favorite beer you have ever made?  And why?
Probably Yankee Drifter. It’s a summer seasonal brewed in tribute to my father. I started brewing it as a homebrewer shortly after he passed away. It was the first beer I ever brewed at Naked City and I continue to brew it once a year for release on Father’s Day weekend.  

5c. If you had to live for the rest of your life with only drinking one beer and not one of your own.  Who and what beer/brewery? That’s easy, Orval. It’s the perfect beer in my opinion. Perfect balance of bitterness, apple, horse blanket, barnyard, etc. Complex and refreshing. 

6d-1. What is your favorite beer style?
Tough to pick just one. I tend to pick beers based on my mood at the time. I do tend to lean towards hoppier IPAs, and Pale Ales. I also enjoy Lambics and local Belgian Style Sour Ales. But in the summer, nothing beats a crisp Czech Pils.

67. If you could create a whole new style of beer what would it be?
Coffee IPA. oh wait, I did that 🙂

998. Favorite sport and team?
Baseball and the Cincinnati Reds. I grew up with the Big Red Machine back in the days when there was no MLB in the Northwest. Yeah, I’m that old.

9. What is your ultimate session beer?
Yankee Drifter

A) What music do love to listen to while brewing?
Merle Haggard. My fermenters are filled with heartache and pain.

420. What is the craziest ingredient you have added while brewing?
Sour Patch Kids. Poured a Sour Patch Citra IPA at Strange Brew a couple years ago. Tasted like pure fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

24. Favorite hop(s)
Love the combination of Amarillo and Simcoe. Mmmm, tropical fruit

13 What is your go to liquor?
The Macallan 18 Single Malt Scotch

77. Favorite Movie(s)

15.  What is your favorite movie Quote?
“I stick my neck out for nobody” Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart’s character in Casablanca) 

0. Are you on twitter (@Twitter name) what is your favorite twitter #hashtag?
I have an account, but I don’t tweet personally. My twitter name is @Brewtopia. I don’t know what a hashtag is. When I grew up, we called it a pound sign.

17. Morning person or Night person?
Night person definitely. I need to force myself to go to bed earlier nowadays though. Makes for a long double batch brewday when I don’t get enough sleep.

44. What is your favorite Hot sauce?

17. If you could ask me BrewDad one question what would it be?
Can I buy you a beer?

I would like to think Don for the answers and for his awesomeness for the times and pints I have had at his place.  If you ever get to Naked City be sure to grab a few pints of some of the best beers around.   Just never ask for Don to take you on a long walk looking for Tamales.  (Inside Joke) If you want to know more ask either of us.

If you know of a great brewer who needs to be featured and is willing to answer some questions let me know.

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