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Dick’s Brewing Dedication Series

By March 5, 2021No Comments

This Friday, I am going to be doing something new – blogging/tweeting “LIVE” from Dick’s Brewing in Centralia, Washington.  I will also be uploading pictures and getting tap room guests to add remarks as they taste these new beers.

Cue Elvis’ “CC Rider”… In my best introduction voice:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dick’s Brewing Company is proud to announce their brand new series of beers – Dick’s Dedication Series!  Four new brews will come out this Friday, April 1st at the brewery from 3 to 8 p.m.

Beer writer/communicator and evangelist Lisa Morrison helped write the description of each beer.  Along with the descriptions, each brew has a dedication to Dick Young:

“This beer is one of the last
beer recipes that founder
Dick Young had a hand in
creating before his death in
2009. We miss him greatly,
but are proud to bring you
this beer in dedication to him.
Cheers to Dick!”

Dick’s Double Danger – 8.5% ABV
This beer is the one the whole Dick’s crew is proud of most. Brewed in honor of our mentor, and friend Dick Young, we hope you knock a few back in his honor and memory. Dick loved his Danger Ale, so we thought it fitting that we use his original recipe and make it a bit more dangerous. With an alcohol of 8.5%, but with a smooth flavor and easy drinkability we are pretty sure you won’t notice. This beer doesn’t fit any category, won’t fit into some set criteria…and we like it that way.

Imperial IPA – 8.2% ABV
So, take our IPA, give it more malt, more hops, more alcohol, and what you end up with is a beer that you won’t soon forget. Our Imperial IPA is a fantastic double IPA, with an extreme dosing of Columbus hops throughout the boil, the bitterness comes across right away. But, with such a high grain bill, the balance of malt flavor gives way to a very balanced beer that we know you will enjoy!

Imperial Red – 8.2% ABV
Caramel, malty, boozy, these are a few words we’ve heard to describe our Imperial Irish style ale. We took our base Irish ale recipe and put it on steroids. A malt bomb of a beer, but with a nice hoppy finish, this red will remind you why you love beer. Seriously, try it….. trust us, it’s that good.

Scottish Ale – 7.6% ABV
This addition to the dedication line-up offers something a little different. Amber red in color, malty sweetness in the nose gives way to a subtle smokiness and malty finish. Brewed with 2-row, Munich, black barley and smoked malt. This beer is something unique that we hope you will enjoy!

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