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Dick’s Brewing Company New BrewDad Sponsor

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BrewDad is now proud to announce a new sponsor – Dick’s Brewing Company.

Dicks Brewing started back in 1984 with home brew supplies being sold out of the back of Northwest Sausage & Deli.  Dick then saw there was a need for his beers so out of different equipment and old milk tanks Dick constructed his first of many systems this 3bbl system was the first for the area and started the legacy of Dick’s Brewing. In 1992 Dick’s was in so much demand then started the making of a new business adventure for Dick.  Starting with just 3 styles Dicks has now grown to over 23 different styles that are still being brewed today.  Dick’s Danger which was one of the first styles Dick ever brewed took off for Dick’s and now has been and still is one of the biggest beers at the brewery.  Dick’s was then a force in the region and being served up in 6 different states.

With such great success and the demand for more beer in more states and more accounts it was time for the brewery to expand.  With only 2,100 sq feet there was defiantly a need for more room and bigger equipment.  So in 2006 Dick set his sights on making a whole new brewery in the Centralia area.  He built a 18,000 sq foot building and moved to the new place in 2008.  There was no stopping Dick’s.

Then in 2009 we lost Dick Young to a very sudden death.  He was everything at the brewery.  Not only the brewer he was the mechanic, carpenter, plumber and welder if it needed to be fixed, moved or brewed Dick could do it all.  He is going to be sorely missed by his family and friends.

Today Dick’s is being run by Dick’s daughter Julie Young.  The beers are being brewed by Head Brewer David Pendleton with Parker Penley Brewer adding help, youth, and passion.  Steve Wirtz Sales Manager is on the road adding accounts shaking hands and kissing ass.  While Dave Weaver Production Manager and head bottling guru sees that every ounce of beer gets put in a bottles but he can’t do this alone so add his sidekick Marcello Martocci Production Assistant.  Now brewing 23 awesome styles with Dick’s Danger being the flagship brew for the company there seems to be no end for this terrific brewery out of Centralia WA.

I am proud to have Dick’s Brewing as a sponsor for BrewDad. 

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