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Dicks Brewing Company – Centralia, WA

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Dicks Brewing Company – Centralia, WA
3516 Galvin Rd.
Centralia, WA
(360) 736-7760
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Why did I wait so long to go visit?  I’ve missed some great opportunities to get my beer on!  All I can say is, it will not be that long again.  I stepped into Dick’s Brewing Company in Centralia last week and had a blast.  I got to see old friends and make new ones.  Dave Pendleton, the Head Brewer, is putting out some fantastic brews, and with Brewer Parker Penely they are keeping up with the demand Dick Young had made so tasty.

The brewery was in the middle of a two brew day when I arrived, so there was the malt aroma wafting from the kettles. (Note to self – create malt and hops air fresheners.)  Parker showed me around the place, told me about the beers they are making and I quickly found out he’s a huge beer geek. He goes home after brewing all day and plays on a pilot system to come up with newer, tastier Barley Pops.   Julie Young McGregor was also around, chatting about the vision of the brewery and her new role as the it’s leader.  I asked one burning question: With Dicks passing, will the consumers see his passion and vision continue?  Julie, Dave and Parker all sounded a resounding “Hell Yes”.  Even David Weaver, Production Manger, was close by and he chimed in with his own, “Hell Yes”.   Sure there have been some growing pains like all families and businesses experience, but they are moving forward.

They are going to have a new series of Imperial beers coming out in 22 oz. bottles anddraft.  I got to try some of the brews they are making for this series.  The one I can really comment on is the tribute beer to Dick.  The Double Danger is double the recipe of the regular Danger Ale.  That beer was super tasty.  The label they are working on for this is a tribute to Dick, with him pictured on his Hog headed to Sturgis.   I was really impressed with the Double Danger, and will look forward to its release.

So if you’re near Centralia on a Friday from 3-7 p.m., stop in take a tour and be sure to take a few full growlers home.  If you can’t make it during those hours, you can always stop at the Northwest Sausage & Deli, which is where the original brewery used to be. They have all he Dick’s brews on tap and will fill growlers.  Be sure to try some of the great smoked meats. They are open Mon. -Sat. for your beer and smoked meat needs.

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