Alaska Spring Break

Day 4 Spring Break Alaska

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Day 4 Spring Break Alaska –

One last brewery to see then I have seen them all in Anchorage. Glacier Brewhouse in the middle of downtown Anchorage this is a definite stop for any beer geek.  Big tap list this place has some serious barrel aged brews and a great regular brew list. They have a 15 bbl system that is mainly severed in the Brewery only.  They have an extensive list of seasonal brews and a great menu of food for any beer geek that is hungry.  I loved talking to the brewer Kevin Burton and his lead brewer Drew who showed me all over the brewery.  He also showed me the huge barrel aging program they have.  Wow this place has a barrel aging issue.  Oh not a bad thing they are off the hook trying to make every type of barrel aged barley wine or stout they can come up with.  I could have spent days in the basement trying all the different brews.  Oh to hear there 12 days of Christmas event.  I might have to plan a trip for this once in my life.  Each day during the 12 days of Christmas they serve 3-4 different barley wines/barrel aged brews.  If you complete the list you will then receive a new liver and or a tee shirt that you slayed the list.  Great times, great atmosphere and terrific brews.

On to Spenard Roadhouse a terrific tap house/bar.  Big on locals only brews.  All taps are local brews only.  They have a large bottle/can selection and a huge bourbon/whiskey selection also.  I must say the infused vodka area was very nice.  I was intrigued and wondering who they did all the infusing.  Great flavors and the lavender vodka had that hint of lavender that was near perfect.  This is a super place for the mixed drinks with a huge list of different drinks to try made with all infused and special simple syrups they make.  I found a brew I had not had in the area just yet. Denali Brewing – Hibernale Belgian Tripel.

Last place for the trip and probably the most expansive huge place I have ever been to in my life the world famous Chilkoot Charlie’s.  This is the most interesting bar I have ever seen in my life.  This is a bar that a bar with in a bar with n a bar and still win a bar.  Let me say this.  Seriously you can and will get lost in this bar.  There are so many side room bars if is like a maze to find you way out.  I counted 14 different areas within this one bar. Different themes, different music and just plan different.  One can assume if you go here plan on not leaving for a while. This was a once in a life time must see for sure.

My trip is coming to an end and I really want to thank my hosts.  Mike, Heidi and the kids I want to thank you so much for letting me stay with you.  Sorry I fell down the stairs. I hope the house is OK. Until next time Cheers with a great Alaska Beer and Moose sausage.  Moose sightings 2.

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