Day 3 Spring Break in Alaska

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Day 3 Alaska Spring Break

Warm balmy 15 degrees this morning so I head north for two more breweries up in Wasilla and Palmer area.  Plus a fun addition to the last part of my day.  Nice drive up to Wasilla it is about 40 miles out of Anchorage and the views are some of the most incredible you have ever seen.  Huge mountain range on your right covered in tons of snow.  First stop is The Last Frontier Brewing Company in Wasilla Alaska.  This is log cabin style brewery with an adjacent restaurant.  It was a cabin feel in the restaurant and a terrific bar top that many would be envious for. They make a lot of great beer with the little space they have.  I was able to sample a good mix of brews and chat with the head brewer Ray Hodge.  Ray has a long resume of breweries he has been affiliated with so this man knew his beers. Loved the Double Shovel IPA tasty IPA with big hops aroma and flavor.  Great times in Wasilla next Palmer Alaska.

Just a 15 mile drive to Palmer the mountains are getting closer and they look beautiful with all the snow.  Arkose Brewing a brand new brewery 7bbl system in one of the most pristine regions of the world.  In the basin ofPalmer you can see the Arkose range and peak from the brewery got its name.  Stephen Gerteisen head brewer and co owner showed me around chatted brews and his adventure of opening the brewery.  He has done a wonderful job and the brews where outstanding. Small growler fill station up front this is mostly a keg sales brewery.  As I was there many locals came in for Arkose growler fills.  There are 4 beer on tap thus far and as they grow I am sure will there list of beers.  This is a fun stop and really not far from Anchorage.  Saw a heard of Reindeer and the Ravens out here are on steroids.

Back to Anchorage and a blast with Midnight Sun Brewing.  They invited me back to as they say “Pop my Firkin cherry” as they do every Thursday night they tap a firkin cask.  Oh you bet I was going to be there!  Not the first I have popped but it sure makes for a great time. They had the Panty Peeler (Abbey Tripel) on for this firkin night.  I got ready and then the peanut gallery yelled as I took the first swing thank god I stopped I was way off.  So I got the next swing in and wham 3 whacks later beer was flowing and I was covered in Panty Peeler.  Oh not the first time but that’s for another blog. Great times with the crowds we had a blast at Midnight Sun.

One last brewery in town is escaping me so I have a mission the next day to be sure to hit the last brewery on my list.

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