Day 3 Oregon Coast Trip

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Siletz Brewing Company
214 N. Gaither Street
Siletz, OR 97380
(541) 444-2335

This is an off the wall hard to find place if you are not looking for it. But if you’re near Siletz Oregon which means you’re either a trucker or a logger or a beer geek like the rest of us you have found it. The drive is good lots of great trees to look at but be sure to have a good car and drive safe the road is crazy and very curvy. The Pub is an old roadhouse pub and yes just like the movie this place is nasty inside. Sorry but that is the best I can say. It was smoked filled and that was not for a new smoked beer they just brewed. They do have a family area if you call it that and the usual bar area. It is for the truckers, loggers and townies. Hit it and get out is my motto. We got our beers we wanted we paid for them and left. They brewery is adjacent to the Pub and was running full tilt. The beer is actually very good so they have demand for there product. The chocolate porter is sought after and people love the spruce beer also. So if near here and have an hour to kill take Hwy 229 have a great drive see the place. Remember you’re in a small town and think back to the movie “Roadhouse.” And we thought it would be bigger. The beers are worth the drive the place is just a dive. On to more places day 4 tomorrow – Oregon Coast Summer Brewery Tour 2008 continues.

One thing great about being in Oregon the grocery stores or local stop and shops even have great beer in their coolers. You are never too far from some great beer.

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