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Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest – Lisa Morrison

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Over the years I have become good friends with Lisa Morrison.  After attending many a brew fest she would recognize me and over time she knew my name. Then I felt like I was a cool kid.  Lisa always – I mean always – has a smile and if not too busy, a hug.  She loves to chat with you and when you get her going about beer – hang on she is going to blow you out of the water with her knowledge.  In my book – and I am sure many others’ – she is the Beer Goddess.

If you have been near any beer publication over the past few years it is hard not to find Lisa in one.  Now with her radio show – Beer O’Clock on KXL 101 FM in Portland – we can listen to Lisa as she navigates the brewing world one interview at a time.  It is on my bucket list to be on the show one day.  Now not to worry if you are not in Portland there is a link to upload the show to your Mp3 player.  That sure made it easy for me.  The tin foil antenna I had made up was scaring the neighbors.

So why have I written so much about Lisa?  She has written a book about Beer:  Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest – A Beer Lovers Guide to Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.  In 200 pages, this book takes you on a journey from the basics of beer to the extra nuances of where to go and what events are in each region.  A fantastic guide for one to take along as they travel the Pacific Northwest. Lisa gives an exceptional description of each place and special stories of things even a local might not have known.  She has walking tours also placed throughout the book to give you ideas of some great small tour trips. I know for myself I will need to buy several copies as I am going to wear them out as I use them as my new “where do we go next?” guide in the Pacific Northwest.

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