Cooper’s Alehouse

By March 5, 2021No Comments

8065 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 522-2923

Wow what a find. I was on a small little beer excursion throughout Seattle and heard about Coopers but did not expect this. I saw the website ahead of time and it is hard to garner what you might see. Tucked up in the hills by the University this is a little beer gold mine. They had 22 wonderful taps with some great Pac NW brews and some out of the way brews. They also had a full bar and I hear the wings are to die for. Next time I am getting some wings. I ordered a beer I had not had a Maritime Brewing Dark ale and it was very good. They had several TV’s going with different football games so I was able to watch my Bengals lose to the Browns and with a bunch of Browns fans. They where super nice and we had a great time talking Football, beer and more beer. Parking is at best sketchy and very hard to find. Park on a side street a block or two away and hoof for your beer. That’s best advice I can get. The BMW dealer a times lets people park and that is across the busy street. The bartender knew the beers she was pouring very well and talked about other places I should try to visit very friendly and helpful. I recommend this place and will be back to watch more football and try the famous hot wings.

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