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CDA or Black IPA – What do you call it?

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What is the CDA– Cascadian Dark Ale?  Hey have you heard of the Black IPA or an India Black Ale?  I have heard them all and I am sure most of you have also.

Though certain groups in the beer world fail or refuse to recognize this emerging new style I love it.  This is a mixed IPA style with the Porter/Stout. The high amount of hops and dark malts mix so well and add such wonderful flavors.   Aroma hops of the classic IPA add such nice citrus and floral aromas and the dark malts chocolate and coffee flavors with the slight bittering make for a wonderful smooth finish that is not overly dry like super dryness of an IPA.

This is one of my favorite new styles in the recent years and I am sure due to the popularity with all the breweries this is not going to go away.  I for one when visiting breweries the first thing I try to see is do they have a Black IPA on tap.  Now I am not going to dive into weather to call it CDA or a Black IPA.  In fact I was to find out one day who came up with this awesome brew.  So cheers to you as I sip on a great CDA from Midnight Sun XXX Black IPA.  Jeremiah Boone a newly named winner of the Glen Hay Falconer Scholarship brews quite a tasty Black IPA.

There are a few Black IPA’s out there what is your favorite? I hope to see a name or two I need to find and taste.  Cheers…

If you have an inside scoop on who started the Black IPA or CDA let me know.

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