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BrewDad is coming to a Brewery near you…

By February 24, 2023No Comments

Visiting Seattle recently brought back many brewery adventures/stories. My family was with me, and asked if I miss it?  Do I miss the search for breweries?  Yes…  I must admit I do.  However, the dreaded cough, two-week quarantine that became two years and everything changed on how you visit, enjoy, and explore.  I pondered this question for a long time as I’m an over thinker.  In fact, for the past few years, it has been on my mind.  What is it I miss?  I know the new, the collection of adding that new brewery to my list just like Professor Slughorn and his collection.  The other day it got real for me. With my wife, and she ordered a beer, and I was like wait, what did you just order.   We’ll get into that in a minute.

First, let’s take the way back machine to the late 90’s early 00’s there were 90 breweries in Washington state. When one announced they were opening back then I almost immediately was planning a trip.   Now days with over 400 breweries and new ones popping up weekly one must plan the trip and even multiple trips just to Ballard. So, it hit me.  I have stopped putting my thoughts/adventures down and why? Overwhelmed, life and the cough.  Let’s see how we can change that.

Back to the revelation I had while out with my wife.  I was wondering it has been some time since my last trip to many of the OG breweries that stated my adventures.  Legacy Breweries we call them and for those who remember are where we first started our first tastings.  Now, my wife who has never been most of the places. Of which I can’t wait to show her the history and get a taster tray of the OGs brews.  Places such as Maritime Pacific Brewing one of Ballard’s first.  Need to venture even further north and see Diamond Knot Brewing and retaste and relive the feel of the bar that has such grandeur.  Also on my mind Elliot Bay Brewing, Scuttlebutt, Lazy Boy, Boundary Bay Brewing and so many others that we consider legacy breweries. Oh, I know I did not mention many others.  This leads to another question and a big elephant for most of us beer geeks.  Elysian Brewing of which I’m still trying to unravel, understand, and forgive do I list them?  By the way this was the beer my wife ordered (Elysian Space Dust) that got me thinking.  (Story for another time)

So as I get back into telling my beer story, I got BrewDad out from the web pawnshop dusted it off refilled the mojo and am ready to start telling stories.    So, look out breweries, pubs, and festivals here I come.  If you have a brewery, pub and or beer place I must check out let me know.  Comment and I will do my best to see and taste all that I can.

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