When I first heard Bremerton would be having a brewfest, I thought, ‘Are you sure this is the best place for a festival?’  City of Bremerton and the Washington Beer Commission – I owe you both an apology.  That was not only the first Craft Beer festival in your fine city; it will not be the last.  Holy cow, the numbers were off the hook.  Now we must take into account that the Pacific Northwestfinally shed the sweater weather and got above 70 degrees with deep blue skies, but that just created the perfect setting for the day.  Great weather, good location and the crowds came.

There were 20 different breweries with 50 truly tasty brews.  Some newcomers attending their first festival were Slippery Pig Brewing & Battenkill Brewing – both from Poulsbo.  There were also brewers we have seen before like Pike, 7 Seas and Silver City with long thirsty lines. And don’t forget Fremont Brewing – the line was so huge it stretched across the entire street and then some, keeping the crowds at bay by slowing down the flow from East to West.

This was a great first festival for Bremerton and I’m sure it will not be the last.  The commission will likely need to look for bigger digs next time or even add some more days. Cheers to you Bremerton and the Washington Beer Commission – you did a great job!  See you next year…


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