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Bremerton Brewery Trip 2023

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Bremerton (Brewmerton) Road Trip – 2023

Finally, we are off on a brewery day adventure.  The car was gassed up. Ok, we had to make a quick stop the wife always runs the car near empty.  Once fueled up, we headed to Bremerton.  Music was blasting we’re ready for a fun day.  Over the Tacoma Narrows bridge.  I wonder what a beer can would look like hitting from up there (Squirrel).  Just a bit further and as we near Bremerton the big ships come into focus you know you are near.  First stop not too far now and the day of imbibing is here.

Frist stop Chaos Bay Brewing; the old McCloud’s Grill location is now Chaos Bay Brewing.  It took me a minute to figure out who was there prior. Why did it matter, just has to do with my insatiable curiosity. Once inside the artwork, vast amount of space and the unmistakable aroma of malt and hops.  We moseyed to the bar and ordered our first of many tasters, pints, and snacks.  “Hop Magnum IPA” was a great beer with a side of onion rings.  Now the “Russian Overcoat Stout,” was a must try and the bartender was right its delicious.  If you come in the evening this place always has an event going on and tons of space.  Not wanting to make this a short stay but we have four more stops.  Adios Chaos Bay.

Chaos Bay Brewing
2901 Perry Ave Suite 13,
Bremerton, WA 98310

Next, Ridgeline Brewing just a short drive from Chaos Bay we arrived, parked and around the corner what seems like a back door which is their front and walk into this perfect little 3bbl brewery.  The taps surrounded by that rough wood finish, was a great spot and reminded me of the décor my dad created in our house back in the day.  The beer was good, the line up of beer was an array to choose from a light lager to a rich stout.   The “Fly by Night CDA,” if I had to guess a tribute to RUSH was the treat I was longing for.  Rich dark malts with the hops lingering this was a very tasty beer.  Next, the IPA was very good, “Cold Summit IPA” filled with hops, and I loved the tropical finish. We added an order of pretzels which came out warm and inviting and we chomped them down fast.  Get the horseradish mustard it was tasty.  Maybe we should have gotten two orders.  Ridgeline Brewing keep up the great work, we will be back.

Ridgeline Brewing
941 North Callow Ave
Bremerton, WA 98312

Look out it has only taken me almost twenty years to visit Silver City Brewing in the flesh.  I was looking over my list of who I have been to, and would you look at that I have passed by the brewery a hundred times and never have stopped.  So, this was a must.  Like a kid in the candy store as one enters the taproom I was so happy to finally mark this brewery has been visited.  Tropic Haze, Ridgeline red and Ride the Spiral, oh you bet I want one of each.  Wait they have Freak King Imperial IPA on tap.  Uh… Yep, pour me one.  The taproom had what was needed, snacks, beer, and great atmosphere to chat about the remember when’s.  Silver City Brewing beers are just so good.  I love the passion and forward hop flavors in the IPAs, the scotch ale one of the Pac NW regions very few that are brewed, and this does not disappoint.  If ever in Bremerton stop by the taproom and enjoy.   Last and sadly here at the brewery I did not see the Silver City Van.  One day, T-Hazy and I will meet, and I will drive that bad boy around town.  Always good to lock the doors and hide the keys.

Silver City Brewing
206 Katy Penman
Bremerton, WA 98312

If you’re counting the fourth stop is upon us, Deep Draft Brewing was next, and we were impressed.  Loved the Naval theme.  Walked in and you knew this was going to be fun.  A flight was ordered.  Keelhaul Kolsch, Puddle Pirate Pale ale, Home Porter and Taking Liberties IPA were on the tray.  Great music, the BBQ from next doors Wigwam pub was just what was needed to soak up all the beers I have been tasting.  Liked the IPA it was hop forward and with the bitter finish I was in “Brewmerton” heaven.  Yes, I made up a new word.  Sir Mix A lot can do it so can I.  Gotta stop at Deep Draft Brewing try the Beer, BBQ and most of all soak in the Naval history.

Deep Draft Brewing
3536 W. Belfair Valley Rd
Bremerton, WA 98312

Well, every road trip must come to one final stop.  Bent Bine Brewing was on the way home and just a perfect spot for one more.  Just down the road a few more miles in Belfair WA, tucked behind the local police station is Bent Bine Brewing.  Ok, the irony is there and having a driver was a good idea.  No worries here S’officer, we’z all good.  You enter the tap room and bam the malt hits your nose and not far the bar was open and ready to serve.  With in seconds, we were greeted and ordered that final pint.  Hopnanigans IPA was on my mind and soon on my lips. Tasty treat this was it was full of hops, malt backing and bitter hops finish. Bent Bine also had a Peanut Jelly beer which was just as they say peanut and fruit flavored.  Skogkat Red was also malt forward and balanced. I must say this place had it going on.  Bent Bine you did not disappoint.

Bent Bine Brewing
23297 SR 3 NE
Belfiar, WA 98528

There is always the last part of the trip and the going home and as Jim Morrison sang, “This is the End, beautiful friend.”  We had a super time and when you plan your trips always have fun.  Laurie you are a trooper and I thank you for the ride and great company you’re the best accomplice.  Until the next time stay safe and always be searching for the ultimate barley pop…

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