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Breaking News – Fish Brewing Company Wins in LA.

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The 2011 LA International Commercial Beer Competition
Gold – Swordfish CDA – Specialty Beer Division
Silver – 10 Squared – Other Strong Ale or Lager Division

Congratulations to Fish Brewing and the brewers for a wonderful showing at the competition.  If you have not had the chance to try the CDA this is one of the best beers this year that I have tried.  Hurry and pick one up they will go away for quite some time as they brew this once a year.  10 Squared – strong barley wine ale which is also only brewed once a year.  We will have to wait until the cold winter months to try this brew again.  Now if you have a bottle of this high alcohol brew hold on to it and wait until the cold winter months arrive. Up here in the Pac NW that will be soon.  For now relish the lighter side of the Fish Brewing ales they have available.

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