Bootlegger’s Brewery

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401 S. Richman Ave
, CA 92832
(714) 871-2337

Beautiful sunny morning I was headed to Bootleggers Brewery.  I was met by Aaron the Owner/Head brewer and we talked for a good hour about beer, brewing and did I mention beer?  Bootleggers have been running for about 6 months at full tilt and have accounts all over the Fullerton area so I was so glad I was able to see the operations.  Yes and taste some awesome brews.  I had samples from 7 different beers that ranged from a Hefeweizen, Amber, Golden Belgium, Pumpkin ale, winter, and wonderful American ale that had hops finishing was a Rustic Rye.  Oh we also dipped into a barrel and tried some wonderful beer that had been aging for 6 months in the whiskey barrel oh wow when ti is tone I want a growler or two of that.   Aaron took me all over showed me what they have and we talked about the wonderful brews they had.  This was a great time and a wonderful start to a great day.  I know they opened up on an off day and where just perfect hosts.  I wish them all the best in becoming very successful.  This is a brewery/beer I am going to watch and hope they really do well.  Stop by they are about 10 minutes from Disneyland and tucked right in the middle of Fullerton.  It was easy to find with the GPS.  

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