Black Star Launches Online Beer Barter Contest

                                What Would You or Trade for a Year’s Supply of Beer?

What would you do or trade for a year’s supply of beer?  Would you tattoo a giant red bronco on your back or fork over your precious taxidermy water buffalo? Prove it at The Black Star Barter on February 4th, 2012 in Whitefish, Montana!

Whitefish is the most far-out little mountain town you’ll ever see, but we realize it’s a wee bit difficult to get to for a weekend rendezvous, so Black Star wants to bring you, a friend and your outrageous barter item to the official Black Star Barter.

Enter a photo or video of what you’d do or trade- any beer-worthy object or talent- for a year’s supply of Black Star, get a lot of votes and win a trip to compete in the official Black Star Barter! Hosted at the Great Northern Brewery, home of Black Star Beer in Whitefish, MT on February 4th, 2012, you’ll compete head to head for a year’s supply of beer.

If the judges choose you as the ultimate barterer you’ll be walking away with 365 days of pure liquid gold; the greatest prize ever conceived by man, Black Star beer.

Enter the contest here –

Follow @BlackStarBeer’s barter using hashtag #beerbarter

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