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Black Raven with Yet Another New Release – Session IPA

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Black Raven Brewing with yet another Release – Black Raven
“Nothing but Flowers”
Session IPA (SIPA)
Release date: Saturday 4/6@Noon    

This beer was born out of the joy of late night double batch brewing. The whirring of the pumps and the wails of David Byrne led us to this new IPA idea.

Have you ever wanted a session IPA with huge aroma and big flavor that was easy drinking? Well, “You got it, you got it.”

This beer was built on a simple malt base to let the hops talk to your head. The hope behind this IPA was to make a lower alcohol IPA that has the same hop aroma and flavor profile of a standard IPA & even some double IPAs out there. Take a sip, sit back and ask yourself, can I get used to this lifestyle? We sure can.

5.3% ABV

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