Revival Bar & Kitchen and Bison Brewing Present:
1st Annual Holiday Beer Cocktail Event

Berkeley, CA — Farm-to-table restaurant, Revival Bar & Kitchen, has teamed up with its local organic craft brewery, Bison Brewing, to pioneer the beer mixology movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. A relatively new and growing trend, beer mixology is the art of crafting and blending cocktails using beer as one or more of the ingredients.

“What bartenders say and what I’ve indeed experienced is that beer, for one thing, calms down, stretches out and provides a subtle fizz to a cocktail without the watery and innocuous impact of, say, club soda. Its yeastiness balances fruity effects, rescuing a cocktail from excessive sweetness. And its relatively low alcohol content, in relation to hard liquor, means it can add to the overall volume of a drink without making it too lethal.” — Frank Bruni, Op-Ed columnist, The New York Times.

Bison Brewing’s Director of Awesomeness and founder of (coming soon), Ashley Routson, joined forces with Revival’s expert head mixologist and partner, Nat Harry, to collaborate on a monthly series of beer cocktail events to be hosted at Revival.

The inaugural event in the series is scheduled for Sunday, December 18th from 5-8pm and will feature three original cocktail recipes designed by Nat and Ashley, each prepared with one of Bison Brewing’s organic beers. In honor of the holiday season, the duo decided to go with a holiday beer cocktail theme — adding a winter wonderland twist to each of the drinks. The featured beers include Bison’s India Pale Ale, Chocolate Stout, and Gingerbread Ale — a holiday spiced porter.

Both of the beer mixologists will be in and around the bar, to engage the audience and answer any questions about the recipes and techniques used. Bison Brewing’s brewmaster and owner, Daniel Del Grande, will also be on hand to discuss how the flavor profiles of his beers interact with the ingredients in each cocktail.

In addition to spearheading the beer mixology trend in the Bay Area, Ashley and Nat have partnered with several other craft beer and mixology experts in the country to launch, a collaborative website dedicated to the education and advocacy of beer cocktails with the goal of being the foremost resource on the science and art of beer mixology. The website it scheduled to launch before the end of the year.

Holiday Beer Cocktails
Where: Revival Bar & Kitchen
2102 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA (next to Downtown Berkeley BART Station)
Date: December 18, 2011
Time: 5-8pm
Cost: Per cocktail

About Bison Brewing
Bison was founded in 1989 in Berkeley, CA. Anchored with a brewing philosophy of drinkability, superior quality, and fair prices, Bison brews are certified organic to promote sustainable agriculture and green living. Bison is one of the pioneers of the organic movement, achieving organic certification in 2003. In addition to its #1 seller Organic India Pale Ale, Bison brews an array of interesting and popular beers such as Chocolate Stout, Gingerbread Ale and Honey Basil Ale.

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