Belgianfest can be summed with two phrases: great beers and terrific people.  I’m not a huge Belgian fan but I told myself go into this event with an open mind.  Here are some of the brews that provided my Belgian epiphany:

  • Big Time Brewing’s Trombipulator, a Northwest interpretation of a Belgian Tripel.
  • Odin Brewing’s Pearl White Ale, which could become my next lawn mower beer.   A light, golden Belgian wheat ale flavor with light spice making for easy drinking.  I could drink this beer all day and night.
  • Snipes Mountain had the Twangzister #3 bourbon barrel aged Strong Belgian ale.  This has aged for 3 years for pure enjoyment.

This non believer is starting to think a Belgian beer can be tasty.  I know there are many different Belgian styles, so I might have picked a few that are not true Belgian, but it is a learning process and it takes time.

The Washington Beer Commission put this fine festival on.  It was a Sell Out and I’m willing to bet that many, if not all, will be back next year.  The room was packed, so they might need to look for more room next year, in this humble bloggers opinion.  I can tell you this – I am going to go again next year.  My maturation of learning about Belgians beers has only started.  Until next year – Prost!

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