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BeerCity USA – 2012 Nominations

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BeerCity USA – 2012

Here we go again.  Charlie Parpazian every year loves to see the beer geeks and their passion for where they live.  It is voting time for Beer City USA.  For the past few years this has become quite the interesting polling to follow.  I have heard of certain “Weird” cities actually throwing the polls due to they do not believe in this poll.  Then there are those cities that actually take pride in there city.  Now, Asheville NC keeps winning  3 years in a row now and I got great friends there and wish them good luck but it is time we bring this back to the Pacific NW.  Come on people lets do this – Calling on you from Portland, Seattle hell even Olympia  lets vote and bring this title back – BeerCity USA.   Below is how you can nominate  your city or even put in a write in vote like I have for Olympia WA.  Are you serious I am sure I will hear – HELL yes I am and if you ever need proof come on out I will show you how Oly has a killer beer scene.

Nomination BeerCity USA Link.

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