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Beer Bloggers Conference 2012 – Day 2

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Day 2 Friday – Now do you have your beer for today’s reading?

Welcome back to day 2 wrap up at the Beer Bloggers Conference.  I got very little sleep so I figured I would get lots of sleep on the bus and with a 5 hour drive and lunch in the middle I think I can get a few Zzzz’s  I also have a slight hangover so just getting on a bus was rough but that was my choosing to stay out late.  But, I lay blame with the breweries they make such super tasty brews so it was all the breweries faults that I stayed out late. 😉 The bus ride was quite the first half I think we were all nursing light to very heavy  hangovers. So what did we miss when we where sleeping?  Corn, and after every 12th farm a Bible belt church.  So about half way on our trip to Indy we stopped at Lafayette Brewing. WAKE UP it is time to eat.  Terrific lunch and once again forced to drink those cold barley pops. Oh that’s right I volunteered to drain those pint glasses. The Admiralty IPA was very good and the Big Boris Barleywine made the special chocolate they served even tastier.  We get back on the bus, more sleep then finally arrive to Indy.  No time to waste it is conference time.  So with a bang we are off and Julia Herz, Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director was first up and she is always a pleasure to listen to.  Then Garret Oliver Brooklyn Brewing steps up and dazzles us with his brewing knowledge.  Did I mention there was beer being poured during this whole time?  Damn this was going to be rough.

Live Beer Blogging follows– Holy Cow Batman this is going to make my liver quiver.  Several different breweries with a short description and 5 minutes to drink blog and or tweet (Me I tweeted) about the beer.  Next (NAP TIME- Oh please to the almighty beer god) nope we are off for a night of fun.  Dinner at Tomlison Tap Room then off on a pub crawl. We hit 4 pubs. As for me I was done at1:00am but it was more like 2:30am when we got back.  Oh did I mention they caught me dancing out there somewhere.

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