Day 3 (Final Day) – November 7th 2010 Boulder Colorado BBC10

Holy crap I made it last day of the Beer Blogging Conference. I got a good night sleep and I swear to the all mighty beer god I will be good today.  (That’s what I said when I woke up)  Now for the real story.

9:30am we are greeted with bloggers overload.  Jay from beer Tap TV then Kerry Finsand with Taplister and last but not least Jay Brooks as he talks about what we should be reaching for as bloggers.  Oh did I mention our table became a sort of pirate table. You see Breckenridge brewing provided us with Agave Wheat Beer and OJ to make Beermosas and well our table after the first Beermosa we just skipped the OJ and went straight to the beer.  Beer geek laughter and not being good was our table.  OK we where done we had so much information we where full.  We (Pirate Table) had to have one last blast.

Overall the Beer Bloggers Conference 2010 was a huge success.  I will take away tons of great information that will take time for me to fully implement on my site. I have learned that I am not alone and that my 100 new Beer blogging friends I can lean on for questions and help. I look forward to the next conference in Portland Oregon (Beervana) Sorry Asheville I am sure you are going to be soon. (One more jab)

One finally thought – I always say “I am in Search of the Ultimate Barley Pop” well I might have found one close to it on the Night of Beers.  I must go back next year to find out.  Until BBC11 keep on beer blogging.

As you can see I did not steer clear of the beer on the final day. Oh well there is always next year.

Final tally of BrewDad BBC10
Over 50 different beers to add to my list of have now tried
100 new Beer blogging friends
Only lost 3 things Signed Beer Bottles (Returned after hefty twitter campaign thanks all) Camera sent back after found in women’s restroom at Boulder Beer. (How the hell?)
Luggage sent to AZ when Seattle was the destination got back a few hours later.

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