Astoria Brewing Co. – Wet Dog Café

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144 11th St.
Astoria, Oregon, 97103
(503) 325-6975

Astoria ORAugust 16, 2009

Great beer on a near perfect Sunday afternoon. The Red Beard ale was to kick off the trip and was for sure not going to be the last I have tasted, tested or tired for the week. It had been a few years since our last trip to Astoria Brewing and the last time we had outside seat just as we did this time and it was awesome. The food and service where top notch while the beers are the reason I was there they where very tasty. Loved the brews I got a sampler and from the light ale to the dark stout they where all very nice and I would order each one as a pint if I did not need to move along on my trip. What a great way to start a trip. Thanks Astoria Brewing/Wet Dog Café.

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