Svetly 12° (Czech Style Pilsner)
4.8% ABV // 8 IBU // 12 P
medium body + floral + balanced

In the Czech Republic golden lager is not called Pilsner, unless it’s THE Pilsner. That being Pilsner Urquell. All others are referred to as Svetly Lezak (say it: SaVET-lee LEH-jhack) with a number 10-12 telling you how strong the beer is. The rest of the world has done a fine job of diluting the word “Pilsner”, or Pilsener if it’s German. But this beer won’t be doing that. A recent trip to the Czech and a lengthy conversation with the Brewmaster of Pilsner Urquell – who was kind enough to instill the knowledge needed to make authentic Svetly Lezak – led to the inspiration of this beer. This beer follows ALL regulations set forth in the German Purity Law (of 1927) and is authentically brewed to the exact standards of real Czech lager. The mash consisted of a single heirloom variety of Moravian malt (no caramel malt), was triple decocted, and zero modifications were made to the brewing water. We used only Saaz hops at a rate of 1.5 lbs per barrel of wort in the kettle. Fermentation was carried out from 5° C up to 8° C for 8 days, then the beer was transferred into its lagering tank at cellar temperatures where it rested for a full 90 days. There is specifically and very intentionally a small amount of diacetyl present in this beer. This is a result due to the strict adherence to Czech lager brewing. There are quite literally only four ingredients in this beer, Moravian malt, Saaz hops, water, and yeast. Now that we dropped a small history lesson, sit back and enjoy a most authentic golden lager – Na Zdraví!

In order to make an authentic Czech Pilsner, one must use authentic Czech ingredients. For us, this meant sourcing malt and hops grown in the Czech Republic. Though we are able to source organic Czech Saaz Hops, there is no Czech malt grown that is certified organic, making this beer our first beer brewed without the USDA Certified Organic seal of approval. We stand by this beer with pride, knowing we are respecting tradition, not to mention the Czech standards in agriculture go above and beyond what we are used to in the States.Hops: Saaz
Malt: Moravian Pilsner

* Available now at the Aslan Brewpub and Aslan Depot

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