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Always Be Closing

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As the blog progresses I have been trying to find my voice and place.  BrewDad has transformed from a Homebrew Information Center to a full on Craft Beer (Geek) blog.  Last week, I continued the evolution and went on a sales ride around with local Beer Sales guy and good friend Brad Robinson from Odin Brewing.

Why, you ask? Because I want to see all parts of the craft beer process – bottling, brewing, serving, cleaning and yes, even selling.  Brad took me all over the greater Tacoma area.  The 253 has it going on, I can tell you that.  First stop was Parkway Tavern. What more can I say – if you haven’t been to the Parkway and had a pint you really need to get out more.  But drinking is not why we were there.  Sales – meeting and greeting – is what we were doing.  Chatting beers, brewery, numbers and potential tap handles with new and old clients.  I need to mention we were also out picking up empty kegs from clients.  Because we all know those empty kegs are only good to a brewer with fresh beer to fill them up with.

You are stopping, checking and talking beer with so many people.  Introducing yourself,chatting and getting back into the car off to the next spot. You better know the area so you can get around quickly.  Oh, and the best part is the tasting. So get out the taster glasses, pour the beverage, and talk about all the flavors and characteristics.  I know this is a not an exact science but it was damn sure fun and interesting.  Brad was great – he talked up the beer and what they have done to refine the recipes.  I was sold, but then I was not the one deciding on whether to take another handle or not, or what order it will go in.

Lots of miles, handshakes, sale flyers, business cards and smiles are put out. You also are met with locked doors, owners or decision makers who will not be in until a much later time. I think they are hiding in the back.

One of the fun stops was the Red Hot.  The Red Hot is a beer bar with a Hot Dogs problem. Oh, I mean this in jest as they have a great tap list and the food (Hot Dogs) smelled awesome.  I need to make this a BrewDad feature very soon.  Geez, as I write this I have a hankering for a Hot Dog and a cold Odin beer.

So all in all I had a blast going from place to place and learning what a beer sales guy does.  I must admit it was interesting but if you’re a shy person or don’t have much of a personality, this is not for you.

Brad was great and I thank him and Odin for the opportunity.  Odin Brewing is fairly new on the Seattle Beer scene with a Nordic flair.  They have 4 main beers in their line up with several specials throughout the year.   They have Freya’s Kolsch, Odin’s Gift Ruby, Thors Fury (Dark Sout/Porter) and Odin’s Pearl (Belgian Wheat Ale).  Soon I will be up in Seattle to talk with Odin about their brewery and all their beers.

Odin Brewing
9130 15th Pl S
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 762-3909

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