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Bier One
424 SW Coast Hwy
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 265-4630

Hours: Tues – Sun 12:00pm – 8:00pm

Stopped at the newest of bottles shops in the Northwest region. Bier One in Newport, Oregon. They had moved from a previous spot on the bay front and are now actually located off of Hwy 101. Bay Blvd is Hwy 101 in Newport. Parking can be touchy at times but once your inside it is all forgiven. They have a brand new spot the paint is still drying and wow if your thirsty they serve it as well. Yes you read correct you can sit and have a few pints as you check out the 250-300 different beers and well over 200 different Red, white and sparkling wines. If you so inclined they also have a small section of home brew supplies so you can brew your own stuff. The beers are mainly local and with a good assortment of foreign beers also available. I was happy to find a few that I had also not had nor seen. So that was a good day. If you want to fill growlers they sell those for 5 bucks for the first growler then the fill up fee. They have a rotating line up of 6 taps and usually 4 of them are good Pacific Northwest fair and the other 2 taps high priced foreign or off the wall stuff. When I was in there they had a Lambic for the high priced stuff. Lindemans – Framboise $27.00 a growler. So stop by on your way to your Oregon coast destination so you have some good beers to add to your trip while you’re enjoying the Oregon coast.

Next on our stop was Florence Oregon.

Wakonda Brewing Company
1725 Kingwood St. #4Florence, OR 97439 541-991-0694.

Tasting room hours:
Thursday 5:30pm – 8:00pmFriday – Sunday 5:00pm until 8:00pm

The speculation is over. They do exist and they are open for business and I am proud to say they are opening a tasting room. Just this past few weeks they have ha d limited hours. Starting on July 31st they will go to Thursday thru Sun 11:00am until 6:00pm for tasting room hours. I missed out on this due to the Oregon brewers Festival so the brewers where out of town. But it was good to see they where open and they do have beer flowing. I found some of the styles a cream ale and IPA at a local water hole and they told me more about Wakonda. The Beachcomber down in the Old town actually is like the special Wakonda beer place. They make special beers for the Beachcomber. Word is soon they will be bottling. I will try to make contact and see what I can find out.

Beachcomber Tavern
Beachcomber Tavern – Beachcomber Bottle Shop & Brew Wear
1355 Bay St
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 997-6357‎

Wow what a little gem found in Florence Oregon. After the stop of trying to find out something about Wakonda Brewing. We found a little tavern in the middle of the old town of Florence. The Beachcomber was not just a tavern this was also a bottle shop and beer wear shop adjacent to there tavern. They have had this for about 3 years and wow it was filled with the nest Pacific Northwest beers and the bear wear was all over the place. You name it or have a special beer quote they have it on a shirt. After a nice little tour of the bottle shop that they gave me so graciously after they had shut down it was time to check out the Tavern. It was rocking. They had a full crowd and it was loud. The music was going the TV’s with sports and beer was a flowing. 12 taps. 7 macros and 5 micros the Micros included there signature brand Wakonda Brewing Beachcomber cream ale. That was a tasty beer. They also had another Wakonda on tap a IPA that was very nice. If you are there during the Bottle shop hours you can get anything from the bottle shop served in a glass in the Tavern. Wow what a deal. 250 bottles to choose from and they will serve it to you also. The food was pub food and looked very good. I stuck with the beer. They also have a full bar and soon the smoking will go away. So in Florence after you had your fill in the sand dunes hit the beachcomber a fun place for a brew check out the local shops and then have a beer or two at the Beachcomber. Just remember this is a local’s bar. So check the attitude at the door and you will be fine.

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