Alaskan brings back the birch in new Pilot Series release
Alaskan Birch Bock releases March 1

Juneau, Alaska – Alaskan Brewing announces the release of Alaskan Birch Bock,  the newest addition to their Pilot Series collection of limited edition specialty beers. This doppelbock-style ale brewed with Alaska birch syrup will be available on draft and in 22 ounce “Alaskan Birch Bock puts a unique twist on the doppelbock style,” says Alaskan’s Darin Jensen. “Birch syrup adds the perfect amount of sweetness mid-palate and a nice cutting dryness at the finish.  We used over 45 gallons of syrup for the making so you can really taste it in the brew.”

Alaskan Birch Bock is a tawny, copper-colored ale with lightly toasted and caramel malt highlights and the earthy undertones of birch, figs and spun sugar. Birch Syrup adds a subtle woodsy and sherry-like character that mingles with the hop bitterness to create clean and dry finish that nicely masks the spice of alcohol in this medium-bodied beer.

The 2-3 week tapping window and time-consuming boiling process of Alaska birch syrup make it a truly rare and gourmet ingredient. The rich and spicy notes of birch syrup added complexity to Alaskan’s 25th Anniversary Perseverance Russian Imperial Stout, but this distinct ingredient from the Alaska Birch Syrup Company and Kahiltna Birchworks is the showcase flavor in Alaskan Birch Bock.

“Alaskan Birch Bock is a great addition to our collection of recipes that age well in a bottle,” says Alaskan Operations Manager David Wilson. The natural tannins in birch syrup are akin to those of the spruce tips in Alaskan Winter Ale and of the smoke compounds in Alaskan Smoked Porter and Perseverance Imperial Stout. “The same compounds that preserved and protected the trees, now naturally preserve our beers.”

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