dave-3Dave and I had a tasters choice moment sitting on the banks of the muddy Wishkah, we chatted about the important stuff.  So here is what Dave had to say about the hardest 2000 questions ever. I simplified it and kept the best stuff the rest will sit on my private server until I need it when Dave runs for Mayor.

Thank you, Dave and I wish you the best with Dick’s Brewing and thank you for sending up such tasty brews for tonight

  1. What was your first beer you ever drank?
    A can of Bud, I didn’t know any better.
  1. What was your first Craft Beer you ever had and what did you think?
    I think it was Pete’s Wicked Ale, I was a fan.
  1. How did you get start in brewing? Homebrewer? Etc???  What was the first batch you ever made?
    Started homebrewing with my dad, I think the first batch was a brown ale.  Hopped extract and a package of dry yeast.

4-1. What is your favorite beer you have ever made?  And why?
That is a tough one, I would say the first batch I brewed with Dick at our old brewery.  It was our Barley Wine, and I remember thinking how cool it was to be brewing on such a large scale.

5c. If you had to live for the rest of your life with only drinking one beer and not one of your own.  Who and what beer/brewery?  Sierra Nevada Pale.  It just never gets old.

6d-1. What is your favorite beer style?
I can never answer that, American Pales?  Stouts?  I love them all.

  1. If you could create a whole new style of beer what would it be?
    Meat Beer.
  1. Favorite sport and team?
    Seattle Sounders, have always loved soccer growing up and it is so fun to have a local team to follow.
  1. What is your ultimate session beer?
    The Buck, session IPA.
  1. A) What music do love to listen to while brewing?
    Usually 80’s, classic rock, and if the boss is around it is country all day.
  1. What is the craziest ingredient you have added while brewing?
    Nothing to over the top, smoked cherries maybe.
  1. Favorite hop(s)
    Classic, cascade.

13 What is your go to liquor?
Gin, love me some lime and tonic

  1. Favorite Movie(s)
    Die Hard,, never gets old
  1. What is your favorite movie Quote?
    There’s only one man who would dare give me the raspberry!  Lone Starr!

  2. What’s the funnest part of being a brewer?
    All the amazing people I get to meet!
  1. Morning person or Night person?
  1. What is your favorite Hot sauce?
  1. Bets place to get a Burrito.
    Taco Del Rey
  1. If you could ask me BrewDad one question what would it be?
    What has been the most challenging part of opening BrewDad’s??
    Answer – trying to get every special beer that comes out.  What is the flavor, brewer or artwork that will sell the best.