60 More to go.

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I went and logged on to Beer Mapping.com and figured out I have 60 Breweries and or Brew Pubs to visit to have hit them all in the state of Washington. Wow get out the new liver card this is going to be rough. I thought I had done a good job hitting most in Seattle and Tacoma but have found out there are more and they are either small or just a brewing facility so I am going to need to get an invite or something to go visit. But it is my goal in the next few years to have hit them all. I did a good job back a few years ago when I was in Utah visiting and made all but 2. One day I will hit those also.

Here is the current map of what I have left to visit for Washington State.

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Next week I am attending the North American Organic Brewers Festival down in Portland look for a complete update when I return.

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