With over 1400 Breweries that’s a quarter of all breweries in the country participating here is who locally will be releasing the beer on Thursday.  All funds made from these beers will all go to help the fire devastation in California this past fall.  

This was a special recipe from Sierra Nevada Brewing and it is going to be fun trying the brews from a lot of these places to see the different turn outs.  

Resilience IPA Story

Pacific Brewing & Malting
Wet Coast Brewing
Narrows Brewing
Fox Island Brewing
Top Rung Brewing
Well 80 Brewing
Mount Olympus Brewing
Steam Donkey Brewing
Hoquiam Brewing
Jones Creek Brewing
Brothers Cascadia Brewing
Trap Door Brewing
Mill City Brew Werks
Everybody’s Brewing
Rainy Daze Brewing 
Silver City Brewing