Lazy Boy Brewing – Norwegian Death 

Type of Beer you decide Stout or Porter or both.
ABV 5.8%

This is a beer that will leave you wanting more.  Dark malts, roast, chocolate earthy hops.  Pours almost black with a great tan head creamy and lasting.  The flavor is nice and roasty, dark malts, light chocolate  mocha sweet.  Earthy bitterness with dry roasted lasting finish.  Whats the style on this beer? I have become to know it aa stout with porter tendencies, or is it a porter with stout tendencies.  For sure this beer will leave you warm inside and thinking of being Lazy.    A beer perfect for working on stuffing a turkey or stuffing your feelings down at the table with that crazy grumpy bad opinions Uncle.  Perfect for watching the Apple cup.  It’s also great for that Black Friday after shopping.

Norwegian Death – As for Norwegian Black metal which has its own ideology we will not dive into that.  However Norwegian Death for Lazy Boy is a Beer that will mildly confuse yet satisfy the senses.

Ask for it at your nearest beer retailer. We are taking orders now and operators are standing by.