Well 80 Artesian Brewing – Rose City Bourbon Barrel Aged Original Dark ’66

4.6% ABV 16 IBU

From Paul the Head Brewer “Probably the Greatest Beer ever made.”

I know for myself I will be seeking this beer and reporting back soon.   News and update soon

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Added Afternoon Review – 

I just got back from Well 80 and have tried this awesome Dark lager matured in Four Rose Bourbon barrels.  It has the light easy lager texture silky smooth and the bite nd flavor from the barrels comes through nicely.  This is a truly very well made beer with get flavors and fantastic finish.  I talked with Paul (Head Brewer) he added that with a 3 month time in the barrels this give off the right amount of bourbon and barrel flavor and finish.  There is not much of this to be had to head to Well 80 and grab a pint or two before it’s gone.    Great Job Well 80 and Handsome Paul.